Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ishari de Silva Weddings Guest Blog

We recently had the pleasure of guest blogging for London wedding planner Ishari de Silva.  Ishari is an excellent luxury wedding planner based in London and her Wedding SOS guide is a series of articles designed to help discerning Brides and Grooms attain useful information regarding the various  areas of wedding design - it's both contemporary and yet still aware of the classic, timeless areas of wedding design.

It was a pleasure to write about how to use live music in weddings, based on our 8 year experience at Liquid Strings and we look forward to further collaborations with Ishari in the near future.

See the article here
Ishari de Silva - London Wedding Planner

Monday, April 21, 2014

Liquid Musicians - Bands, DJs and more for hire in London

When you're looking for entertainment for your wedding or event, wouldn't it be nice to keep it as simple and clear as possible?  And to keep fewer points of contact, rather than yet more?  At Liquid Musicians and Liquid Strings, we help you to have the entertainment without the stress of running around, trying to source a string quartets here, a band there, a DJ in another place.  All under one roof means packages, discounts, convenience, added trust - just to name a few benefits.

Contact us with any enquiries and check out our new site -

Bands, jazz groups, DJs and wedding acts for hire in London and the surrounding regions.

Monday, March 31, 2014

New website for all our non-string acts

It's not all about stringed instruments - we have bands, DJs, gospel choirs - and even a magician on our books.

So many, in fact, that we decided to create a very similar sister site just for all the 'non-string' acts.

It's here -

Have a look at the bands, wedding packages and other acts we're offering for hire in London and the surrounding regions.  We've added some new acts, like T Jay a superb London wedding singer

And much more.  

If you're looking for some inspiration from an actual wedding we've provided 3 acts for, have a look at our Wedding Case Study.

There are lots of factors involved in choosing suppliers for your wedding.  Here are a few other wedding professionals that we've been impressed by -

Juliet McKee - a superb Wedding Photographer

Melanie Helen - a brilliant London Wedding Planner

Mark Angus - stylish and sophisticated Photo Booth 

Kate Hopewell-Smith - another great Wedding Photographer

Happy planning, nothing great was ever achieved without effort, but the rewards on the day and in your memories make it worth every moment of time and energy that goes into creating an amazing day!  Don't stress - easier said than done - but it should be a fun process, leading up to a very fun day :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


We got a bit tired of people (fairly) assuming that Liquid Strings was just a string quartet or a large strings collective.  So finally the time came to divide the string acts from all the other great live event music acts and DJs we work with.

Liquid Musicians is now online and thanks to our wonderfully skilled and practical webdesign team - - you can easily navigate from Liquid Strings to Liquid Musicians according to which kind of act you're interested in hiring.

We're going to be adding new acts and are excited to be starting work with some new, non-musicals acts as well, such as a superb magician.

Right off to an event now, but do keep an eye on the site for exciting new acts coming soon!  Happy Pancake Day to all (nutella and banana coming up).

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Funky Photographers

We had the pleasure of working alongside Hannah MacGregor whose website is

Hannah seemed very relaxed and in control, as she effortlessly glided around the room with her camera.  Indeed she was so discreet initially that we didn't even see her!  Like Liquid Strings, Hannah is a recommended supplier in the lovely Pembroke Lodge.  She knows the venue really well and knows how to make the most out of the setting to get perfect photos for your big day.

We've just been looking at her Wedding Gallery, and are hugely impressed with the use of colour and light, as well as the joy in the images - people caught looking unmistakeably happy on their big day - so much more enjoyable to look at than 100 staged photos.  Of course like all great wedding photographers (and arguably all great wedding suppliers), she can do formal and informal with equal skill.  Indeed, the work is funky!

Although we were playing in our string quartet and I was checking all was ok with my other acts that busy weekend, a quick chat with Hannah told me that she'd be hugely approachable and helpful when enquired to.  Hopefully she had as great a working day as we did!

Liquid Strings in Pembroke Lodge

London Strings Quartet

We're still taking last minute wedding bookings for string quartets, trios and duos.  A London String Quartet from Liquid Strings will provide a great atmosphere for your wedding or event - here are a few tips to help you choose music for your wedding -

- String Quartet sounds best and has the greatest variety of music - from Britney Spears to Coldplay, Mozart to Skyfall theme, wedding marches, light jazz, tangos - chances are if it's for string quartet, we can play it - or if not, we can have it professionally arranged at a reasonable extra cost.

- However, if your budget will not allow for a string quartet (and we appreciate these are challenging times for spending), then a String Trio sounds excellent and is almost as good, but a bit less costly!  Bar that, there's duo or solo also.  String Duo is elegant and works best in a smaller setting and where the music is very much in the background, as there is less variety available.

- Choose your own setlist or let us help you decide.  We can suggest the best pieces for the different parts of the day.  Playing Toxic and Jeeves and Wooster before a ceremony as guests are arriving makes no sense - playing them in the reception afterwards when the atmosphere is less formal is much better.  We have a range of choices - either classical traditional for the ceremony, or more modern (lots of newly weds walking out to Coldplay - Viva la Vida, for example).  Contact us for some help on this after you've booked us for your wedding.

- Book your music earlier - it's one less thing to think about later, and we can offer packages with everything from just a Solo Harpist for the whole day (for an understated and calm wedding!), to quartet, jazz pianist and big Party Band, all booked and guaranteed for you in advance so you can get on with the rest of the planning.

Call us today for some inspiration - all weddings are not the same, and as such we treat each enquiry as another opportunity to match music to what our clients really imagine will provide a perfect soundtrack for their day!

London String Quartet

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Electric Violin at the British Museum

We had the pleasure of working with the superb Peppermint Diva Events  for their client's event in the British Museum on Monday.  Sarah provided tunes to accompany the beats of Lyndsay - the venue looked amazing and a great event was held.  Well done to Peppermint for their usual impeccable magic.

Sarah and Lindsay make a great pairing - always great to see a female DJ, and they both look and sound in perfect harmony with each other.

Electric violin and DJ for hire is also a perfect corporate act.  It works so well on so many levels - it can be relaxing and chilled and just as quickly go more uptempo as the evening progresses - why have 2 acts doing this when one can so effectively?